This Thought Provoking Dialogue With A 9 Year Old Muslim Girl In The Wake Of The Paris Attack Will Is Bound To Make You Think

The world is a beautiful place until we paint it black with our ugly imagination!


[pull_quote_center]We just hope innocence never wears out off this kid. This dialogue between a 9 year old Muslim girl and RJ Naved, really did catch our attention on how fragile our belief system is and how easily can it be shattered. It really doesn’t take much from each of us as an individual, to understand and behave in such a way, that the world becomes a place worth living for, and not fighting over!

The Paris Attack has been earth shattering and has made us think on how we percieve the world. But it won’t help unless, we stand up and fight this hours worst enemy which is hatred! and not fear! [/pull_quote_center] #parisattack


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