Top 5 Front Load Washing Machines to Buy Online

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    Washing Machines

    Today every household has a washing machine and it has become one of the essential household items. The demand for it is increasing so much that new products are being launched every day with great results to win the competition in the market.

    Today we have the front load washing machines that rule the market. Our era has advanced so much that today washing machines can be bought even online. The advantages of buying it online are that it is cheaper than the market price and you can avail good discount offers too. Here are some of the best front load washing machines that you can buy online.

    Source: Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines

    1.  Bosch WVG30460IN

    This is the most trending model in the industry now. Having a capacity of 8 kg and driven with IQdrive technology that assures zero noise and vibration, it has been pleasing customers. This model also has features like temperature selection, maximum spin speed, program status indicator and shows remaining time too. It also uses a minimum amount of water according to the number of clothes. Certified by ECARF, these machines leave no traces of detergent on your clothes. It costs Rupees 38,980 in the online market.

    2. IFB Senorita Aqua

    This grey color model comes with aqua energy filter technology where the machine removes the impurities from water before using it to wash the clothes. It has a capacity of 6.5 kg. This model by IFB has foam and detergent control and thus doesn’t leave extra foam sticking to your load. You can also add clothes in between the wash with the auto-balance feature. Another attractive feature is that it has programs such as baby wear, stain 40, hand wash, delicate wash, etc. to give the customer the best experience. It costs Rupees 30,684 and comes with a four years’ warranty.

    3. LG NDL22

    This is the perfect model for a family of four members or less. With a capacity of 6 kg, this model comes with six motion washer-dryer technology. The fuzzy feature helps in sensing the load and adjusting the washing according to that. The low mechanized intervention where the pulley is attached to the machine directly helps in saving energy. There is almost null noise and vibration. It starts at Rupees 24,399.

    4. Bosch WAK24268IN

    This model with a capacity of 7 kg comes in two colors, Silver and Grey. It has features like active water which use less water for cleaning the clothes. The anti-vibration and perfect speed feature ensure that your clothes are washed quickly. You can also reload in between the wash. This also has monsoon wash program where the machine dries your clothes faster during monsoon. It is certified by ECARF and leaves no traces of detergent behind. The price starts at Rupees 32,178 online.

    5. Samsung WF1650NCW

    Samsung is a leading company when it comes to electronics. The washing machines manufactured by Samsung are of high quality. This model has a capacity of 6.5 kg and comes with diamond drum feature. This feature helps in making your fabric look new and avoids any wear and tear. It is so gentle that it gives the benefit of dry cleaning. With fuzzy technology, child lock, delay end and quick wash as its other features, this is a quite economical product available at 27,990.


    Now log on to a shopping site and grab your opportunity to buy the best washing machine of your choice with the most amazing deals and prices. Get the value for the money spent and don’t forget to inquire about the service providers near you. Most of the online sites provide additional warranty too.

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