Kolkata is the book lover’s capital of the country. People’s favourite hobby here is reading and the best match is a cup of ‘Chai’ to go along with it. There are innumerable stores that compete with each other to satisfy this unquenchable thirst of the soul. The following is probably the most authentic guide to help you navigate the city’s indomitable spirit and find the store that best suits your mood, type and yes, your pockets! These are the places where you could go book hunting in Kolkata.

1. College Street or ‘Boi Para’

This 1.5km street is the largest second-hand market in the world, largest book market in India and the ultimate destination for all bookworms. College Street boasts of a collection of every title ever produced and the very famous Indian Coffee House.

College Street or Boi Para
College Street or Boi Para. Source:
2. Gariahat Book Stalls

If you wish to buy books at cheaper rates and also avoid the crowd at the ever-busy College Street, Gariahat is your destination! Also don’t miss to enjoy the spicy ‘kathi rolls’ while you bargain for your next read.

Gariahat Book Stalls
Gariahat Book Stalls. Source:
3. Oxford Book Store, Park Street

This famous landmark of Kolkata since the British Raj times is now managed by Apeejay Surrendra Group. Oxford bookstore offers it’s reader variety of stationary, DVDs, VCDs and Oxford branded merchandise besides the huge collection of books. Cha Bar is the cherry on the cake and offers more than 150 varieties of tea while the readers browse through their favourite author’s books.

Oxford Bookstore - Park Street
Oxford Bookstore, Park Street
Oxford Bookstore Pleasanties - Park Street
Oxford Bookstore Pleasantries, Park Street
4. Starmark, South City Mall

Nice lights,cosy chairs and soft music-what else do you need to indulge into book reading? There is a perfect Sheldon Cooper spot for every reader. Starmark is the most organised book store in the city and there is something for every reader. A tourist? Get hold of the books from the “Kolkata memories” section. If you happen to be lucky you might even meet your favourite author here!

Starmark,South City Mall
Starmark, South City Mall
5. Story, Elgin Road

A book lovers haven where you can browse through the pages of the latest bestseller before buying it. The chairs between the aisles make you comfortable as you go through your pick of the day. Order yourself a cuppa and enjoy your favourite pass time here and look out at the hustle bustle down the street.

Story, Elgin Road
Story, Elgin Road

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