I am in my early thirties, lapping up a decent salary every month, have just landed my own dream house, and it’s no hiding that, lately I have negotiating with the lot of people, to put my new house in order. Lot of things are currently on the map, refurbishing the furniture sets, getting a new modular kitchen done, woodwork around the house and fancy items for the living. But hell ya, among all these humdrum, I completely forgot the dining. It has always been my passion, stirring up a healthy mash up, a finely roasted platter chicken with a full aroma that fills your olfactory desires with a paradise like pleasure – and served in the right portion. It stirs up all your senses and it’s the kind of culinary delight I would look for on a Saturday evening, with the Euro 2016 playing on my TV and half-filled beer glass lying idly beside the sofa. Paradise!

To have this as a reality, you would definitely need the right kitchen accessories, that’s where this was I was really missing the accessibility we had in London. Stuff was available, affordable and you could assemble a cosy set of kitchenware for your weekend party in no time. And when I realized this, my search began. I couldn’t find anything that was on my mind, on any of the e-commerce big players in the market. I had almost given up my hope to find anything online. But being in Mumbai, I was sure, I would definitely get something on the streets.

———– A month after —————–

It wasn’t impressive. Definitely not! Well, now that I have your attention, let me say, that’s when I first went into UrbanDazzle. The first impression is that it’s a sauvé and elegant website, with a lot of kitchen accessories to decorate your dining. Nothing apart from that, a face in the crowd! To say the truth, I have never so wrong in my life, it’s a treasure trove to decorate your kitchen and dining if you are planning to. If you are in love with elegance and style, this is the place, where you need to shop.

UrdanDazzle- Collage - Kitchen Accessories - UrbanDazzle

So what is this Urban Dazzle?

A first of its kind in India racing ahead in this burgeoning E-commerce landscape of the country, UrbanDazzle is offering a range of quality products starting from Drinkware Collection, Kitchen Accessories, Barware, Dinnerware, Kitchen Storage Containers, etc. It has added the most exquisite collections from Germany, Italy and Turkey.

UrdanDazzle- BeerMug - Kitchen Accessories - UrbanDazzle

4 glittering reasons that sets UrbanDazzle apart..


[dropcap type=”1″]1[/dropcap] Elegance and Exclusivity – Here you get things for your home, no other site can offers. The best kitchen accessories you would find online in India. Brand credibility of both international and national markets, uniqueness and value for money is something that resonates from the products.

UrbanDazzle _ Drinking Glasses - Kitchen Accessories - UrbanDazzle

[dropcap type=”1″]2[/dropcap] Fancy a Bar? – This is your one stop shop for setting up an impeccable piece of gem in your house.  Their collection of Beer mugs and whiskey and wine glasses are nothing but sins of the highest order. The sheer design and the charisma makes you indulge in a sense of aristocracy and luxury you would generally find in a high end bar.

UrdanDazzle- BeerMug-Collage - Kitchen Accessories - UrbanDazzle

UrdanDazzle- Nut Bowls

[dropcap type=”1″]3[/dropcap] High End and Sophisticated Kitchen Tools UrbanDazzle has also forayed into imported kitchen tools by offering premium quality knives and different types of tools. Loop Peeler, Bottle Pourers, Cheese Knife, Chef Knife, Forged Meat Cleaver, Hamburger Turner, Ice-Cream Scoop, Folding Knives, Lemon Zester, etc. are some of the elegant new products offered by Urbandazzle online.

UrbanDazzle _ Knives - Kitchen Accessories - UrbanDazzle

[dropcap type=”1″]4[/dropcap] Urban Dazzle comes with a strong packaging assurances and a guaranteed refund policy in case you are not happy with the purchase. Treat yourself to their video link, on how much care is being given to the packaging so that you, the customer is given the highest satisfaction.


[dropcap type=”1″]5 [/dropcap] Last but not the least, this place is offering you one of the best, not because,  simply style and elegance, but also with respect to brands, aesthetics and affordability. It offers you the best of Indian and International brands to select from. The collection is varied when it comes to kitchen tools and accessories. Have a look yourselves and judge on what they offer, bet me a 1000 bucks if you don’t end up indulging your senses.

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