Vintage TV Ads To Remind You Of Your Childhood!


If you were born in the Eighties, you would know of these ads and if you can recall even one of them, your childhood must have been awesome!

Here is a look at some of the Vintage TV Ads of the 1980’s and 1990’s which revolutionized the entire TV viewing experience.

  • Liril – The Beauty Soap

Now this was fresh! Genuinely Fresh! The cute dimpled fresh face of  Priety Zinta Dancing to fresh beats of music under a fresh water fall, this soap had everything that one could have asked for. Amazingly done at that time, this TV advert was a rage. Tarzan stunts and awesome Foliage this ad was hot!  Have a look and remember the lovely Doordarshan Days!

  •  Dhara Refined Oil

The lovely face of the little child distraught at his mother, sitting on a railway platform, and leaving home! Then comes an old man , a caretaker for the family and lures the chubby, cherub face to go back home for eating “Garma garam Jalebi”! Classic to the core, this ad redefined the happiness of sharing a snack with the family. Watch this advert for extreme emotion and the brilliant portrayal of a child’s rant!

  •  Bajaj Bulbs and Tubes

Jab mein chotta ladka tha, badi sharat karta tha……. jab Roshan hota Bajaj!” The jingle which every child knew by heart, this Bajaj Advert was too good! Capturing the journey of a man from childhood to late years, this advertisement made Bajaj Bulbs and tubes a household product. Excellent simplicity and direction used to make this jingle a loved one! Watch it for the streak of naughtiness which is not Age Defined! Half of the generation feared having a Bajaj Bulb at home!

  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s has always been able to retain a sweet taste of success considering they have been manufacturing the best chocolates in India. Youngsters would halt and turn the gaze towards the TV as soon as this was telecast. People would actually stop doing their tasks and glue their gaze to the TV for the couple of seconds this would run on the screen. The hilarious part was half of the country copying the dance step by the lean beauty. Imagine having people doing this dance step on the streets! That was a sight! Why don’t you try this too? Have a look!

  •  Royal Enfield- The Bullet

This is the ad that skyrocketed the sales of this Machismo Motor bike in India. The Bullet was anyways a charm and has been ever since, but this Advertisement made it seem as Indian as possible. The native roads, the Indian feel, and the cultural tone made it as Patriotic as possible. Considered to be one of the ads which could give you goosebumps, this Ad demanded respect!

  • Nirma- The Detergent

This has been one product that has followed the same jingle for so many years now. ” Doodh si Safedi Nirma say aaye….. Rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaye…. Sab ki pasand Nirma“. This ad was feminist. It was strong. It equated the efforts of a home maker with the love of her loved ones. This ad brough the revolution of the switch from Washing Bars to Washing Powder. This is an advert that made sure that Detergents had Arrived! Some were so impressed by the little girl on the cover, that they give their daughters similiar haircuts which came to be widely known as “Nirma Cut”. So much for cleaning Clothes?

  • Vicco Turmeric

The Ad that screamed that Vicco was not a cosmetic and just an Ayurvedic Cream. An all application  skin cream which can be called the first beauty cream. Apart from making you  fair (which was supremely important then), it also gave a glow! And I have personally seen many people say that there was so much turmeric in this cream that it would make them yellow – and not Glow! What ever the faacts may have been, but for sure this lady in the Ad was beautiful. Check for yourself!

  • Complan- The energy Booster

This is where Shahid Kapoor started from ! No wonder he is marrying a Delhi Girl now !  Well may be drinking so muh complan does that! Who knows? So, Complan is what Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia endorsed in this. The whole effect of the Ad was to make the experince of drinking milk very tasty and intresting. And how that could ever be done – no one knows! Though the children of the country still made their parents wonder what they could do for the milk to taste better, all of them did love Complan!

[quote_box_center] Then was a society which was not that aware and could be mislead easily. At such a time also, some companies did take it upon themselves to share the responsibility towards guiding the nation to the straight road ahead. These are some ads that revolutionized India … [/quote_box_center]

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