The Wardrobe Guide For Every College Goer

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Recently our team received an e-mail that read:

“Hi, I love reading fashion and styling tips from your site. I am about to finish my school boards and planning to get into a college soon. I want to work on my wardrobe but don’t know how?”

This is a very common question running in the minds of girls who will be soon joining a University. When you enter your college years, trust me there are hell lot of changes on every front. You get to meet new people from different states and countries and all you want is to not get lost in the crowd. Every other day you want to be complimented for your style, accessories, clothes etc. Right? So a wardrobe change is necessary at this time. Here I bring you a definitive wardrobe guide to what you should buy to cross your 4-5 years fashionably. Also, I will show how you can create magical twist with a single dress; trust me even if you wear the same dress with small changes nobody will notice.

1. Skinny Jeans/Leggings/Jeggings

Skinny bottoms are never going to be a dying trend. They work great with simple graphic t-shirts, tank tops or crop tops. Skinny jeans or leggings make you look tall and also shape your figure. While buying them, go for jeans that are a bit stretchable. Patterned leggings and distressed skinny jeans are also available in market if you are bored from the solid colours and style.

Skinny Jeans
Source: sheandstyle

2. Sexy Dress

One piece of dress can do wonders as it compliments your entire outfit. Black colour never goes wrong with girls of any age and size. Go for a LBD (Little Black Dress) or classic + sexy floral dresses because college is not a cocktail party where you can wear LBD always.

Sexy dress

3. Denim Shirts/Jackets

Denims have been girl’s best friend till date. Denim jackets you can wear with tank tops, slogan t-shirts or a V-neck basic black top inside. You can keep the denim shirt button open or closed and wear it with skirts, shorts or skinny jeans to complete the look.

Denim Shirts

4. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets or jeggings help to give a more edgy look. Leather bottoms are Priyanka Chopra’s favourite choice of clothes and she can be seen wearing them a lot. Leather jackets can be dressed up with dresses or shorts.

Leather jackets

5. Shorts

Shorts and especially denim shorts must be declared an unofficial uniform. So choose wisely!!


6. Circle Skirt

A great alternative to jeans. It is perfect for parties and even classes. They make you feel more feminine both inside and out.

Cycle Skirt

7. Sholdit

Many girls are not aware of this great piece of accessory. It may appear like a scarf but it’s not. It has multipurpose uses and can also be worn as a shrug. Some sholdits also have pockets which can be used when worn as a shrug to store your phones, credit cards etc.


8. Comfy Underwear

They should take the number one priority. Underwear is the foundation of your look. If you are not good inside than you can never appear good outside. Don’t act stingy in spending money on good, branded underwear that don’t bulge or pinch your assets.

Comfy underwear

Do comment below if you have anything to add to this. Do let us know if you like this post.

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