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I am yet another engineering product of West Bengal, sorry ‘Poschim Bongo’. I have always been a little apprehensive of taking my College name in front of students of other glorious colleges as it is invariably followed by a ‘What’? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a snobbish oaf who looks down upon his own college. Its other people who do. I was a fairly competent student and got into Techno India, Salt Lake which happens to be a pretty famous college in Bengal. Yes, you heard it right. Techno India is the name of my college. I have always wondered who would give such a stupid name to a college, but it is what it is. Probably it was named keeping in mind its diversification plans. Open a branch in USA and call it Techno USA or open in UK and call it Techno UK. Not a bad idea but nevertheless a horrible name. However, its just the name that was stupid. I loved my college and the professors a lot. It was with a bit of discretion that I used my college name, with pride in Bengal coz its well-known here, and not so jubilantly outside Bengal. Outside the state, I used West Bengal University of Technology. This is fairly known to people across India. Even if they have not heard of it, they assume it’s the State University. A regal sounding State University of Technology. It was sort of a face saver. And in a few days, I would be even more ashamed to name the University. MAKAUT – Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. Are you serious? I have nothing against Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and I sincerely respect his deeds and his stature. He has indeed a learned man and a noted freedom fighter of India. He has done a lot for the country, more than many of us will ever do, but there are various ways to respect a person other than naming the state technical university after him. You surely need to be out of your mind to do that. For God’s sake, name a road after him or create a park. Still if you are not satisfied, name the Metro station. Spare the only thing that we remember of our engineering degree – the name of the University.

I have a few theories as to what could be the reasons for this nomenclature. I am surely going to jail after this. And if I die in jail, please start a brand of puffed rice (muri in Bengali) after my name, so that whoever has it, is reminded of me. Here again, I do not want to point to anybody. So don’t snicker.

Here are my views:

1. It’s a tribute to the Ministers of the beleaguered State who are all long talks and no work

How? MAKA UT. The word L is missing but that is understood. MAKAL in Bengali means something that is good to look at, but is of no value. Most of our Bengal ministers are just that. Only thing is that they are not even good to look at. Of course the name could be a tribute to some of our most famous ministers who have names starting with MA…I do not wish to name any such people. Do not drag me to a controversy and send me to jail by trying to get me to name them.

2With No work on the Metro front whatsoever, our Chief Minister has been dejected at not being able to name Metro stations

The East West Metro will take forever to complete. And in all probability will not get completed in this Govt’s tenure. So there are no new stations that can be named with famous personalities. What a shame! Start renaming Universities. I wouldn’t be surprised if “West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education” soon becomes “Madan Mitra Council of No Education”. Don’t laugh! His name starts with MA too. And I did not want to point that out.

3. With No IPL round the corner, there is no work practically

Our Bengal CM and Ministers only work this year was to organize the IPL Victory celebrations. Come on! Do you think they can sit idle for long? They either dance at these celebrations or allow chit funds like Sarada to rob us by patronizing them. With no Industries or Investments coming up, there needs to be something to show the people. Damn! You are a cynic. You don’t think renaming Universities is important!

4. It’s all a Conspiracy – ‘Sajano Ghotona’

WBUT never existed. A new University is being set up and that is called MAKAUT. It’s the conspiracy of the ‘Chi-pee-em’ to show the true work of this Govt in poor light when they themselves have done nothing. It is only this Govt who is working for poor Engineering students. Chhame on you ‘Chi-pee-em’ and their supporters for speaking badly about the Govt’s efforts.

5. Finally, The Government is obsessed with Sex.

Yes, I have figured that out with all my perverted logic that the Bengal Govt. is obsessed with sex, albeit secretly. The University was previously named W’BUT’ (The other T is silent as you figured) but after years of doing it the wrong way, they wanted to change it over, so MAKAUT which sounds like Make-out. Need I say more?

I am pretty sure that I am going to jail after this so if you think you agree with any of the points above do write a comment and share with your friends. I would have something to do in jail, provided I can smuggle a phone.

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  1. Hell yeah… what a brilliantly witty way to express the common frustration of students like us hailing from the (once our own) WBUT!!! Keep it up Souveek brother… thanks for lending this common out-roar a humorous yet logical voice…

    The best part was the Madan Mitra Council of No Education…ROFL…