We Dare You To Try These Weird Dishes And Recipes Before You Die!

Weird Dishes and recipes

If you think tepid wines are not your choice, amaze yourself with a glass of Snake Wine!

Weird Dishes and Recipes
Snake Wines

Why on earth is this this made: Well simply because, snakes tend to have restorative properties in China and Vietnam. So either you add a snake to rice wine and let it ferment or you simply add snake blood and fluids to the wine and drink it with class!

7. Caterpillar Pretzels of Mexico

So Mexico loved caterpillars. Ironically the phrase “Butterflies in the tummy” is real here!
Why on earth is this this made: Before we decide on rolling the tongue and learning how to say ‘Me-hee-co’, know that even though Mexico is synonymous with Salma Hayek and Desperado, they serve and love caterpillars and butterflies toasted to perfection. Maguey is the major source of Tequila, and so the caterpillars thriving on Maguey are a huge hit.

6. Red Ants Chutney and the Spices of India

India will never cease to amaze us!

Weird Dishes and Recipes
Red Ants Mashed
Why on earth is this this made: For a sharp and clean taste! Though this makes us wonder what ‘Taste’ actually is. So you collect the ants in a cup(leaf cup) and throw it on ashes. Remove the ants and make a buttery paste. Add chilli and salt to taste and bake. Why ? Just why? would anyone eat this?

Very simple, you eat spoilt eggs, normally the ones you would throw for the foul smell.

Weird Dishes and Recipes
Them are Lovely Eggs!

Why on earth is this this made: For the rotten aroma of course!Yuck it may be but these eggs are stored and preserved not for a century but for a couple of months just enough to turn the yolk dark green and the eggs whites Brown!

Tacos are love and  we need the brains!
Why on earth is this this made: For the delicacy that Brains can be. I am sure all talkative people can agree with that. That is what we eat all day ofcourse! But this is a bit different. Tacos are served with cooked Lamb Brains and mighty yummy!

 2. Fried spiders and the Cambodian Heritage

For the love of spiders and spider man!

Weird Dishes and Recipes
Spider Spider on the Wall

Why on earth is this this made:  For the rare delight that it is!  Tarantulas are fried as a whole and served with dips and pickles. A top notch restaurant in Cambodia serves around 200 Spiders a week. That is some spider love for sure!

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