India’s start up industry is buzzing ever since the Modi government has initiated their ‘Start up India’ campaign. Growing faster than the speed of light, this bubble continues to lift many a boat. Fancy ideas, competent services, today there is a start-up for every need of an average customer, all you need is a smartphone, to make the call and get into your comfort zone.

But nobody cares about what you eat and when you eat?

Until now, it didn’t really matter, unless you let a few hours go by and shops bring their shutters down, the streets deserted, you feel the pangs of hunger knocking at your door.

It is when you feel the pangs of hunger, you tap into your smart phone, open an aggregation app and make a wish and voila! your food gets delivered at your door step in a matter of minutes. Yes, life is that easy. And where would you order from, a nearby restaurant, that has probably earned itself a good name by word of mouth or by reference. No real credibility. Until now, it’s still not a big problem, unless you let a few hours go by and shops bring their shutters down, the streets deserted, you feel the pangs of hunger knocking at your door. Your options are limited, your aggregator app, gives you no nearby late night food joints to order from. This is where Yum Kitchen comes in.

The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of YumKitchen…

Put flatly, it’s a Late Night Restaurant that serves you delicious and piping hot meals no matter what the clock says or how close the sun is to the eastern horizon. It delivers North Indian and Chinese, all night long, and all you do is make a call anytime. It’s a brand that has grown from a modest beginning, thrived locally and now striving for pan-Indian presence. This is the exact unorganised food industry sector that it has gone into and making a mark. Just 7 months into unveiling the covers, they have done exceptionally well, to establish a process from preparing – what they deliver, optimised logistics – so that the coverage area for YumKitchen is maximised, timely delivery – efficiency in delivery ensures a happy customer and a thriving business.

What is so different about this late night food joint?

The dream child of 3 inspired youths Deepak, the co-founder, left his high paying job to purse his entrepreneurial journey was accompanied by his friends Nirvan and Avinash, they have left fat paychecks behind and chosen this path less trodden and feared. A path in which you fail so many times, that it can build you the stairway to heaven! But yes, that’s where you have got to stick to it. This is NOT just a delivery service. The people here believe in control over what you do. The food is prepared with utmost care, with the best chefs in the market and served hot and with love. The outlet takes special care to ensure that food wastage is minimum managed by their proprietary delivery and logistics systems. The food orders are taken in the wee late hours in the major areas of Bangalore.

The task of ordering is easy-peasy! An innovative one page website, the left most section has the food categories, the middle section has the items and finally the right most panel contains your selections and total amount during your check out. They sure do understand the needs of your sleep deprived eyes and fingers.

So what is next in their Startup Journey!

Build a brand! Create efficiency! Serve Good Food! Expansion! – A few things that’s in the do-list, so that you don’t have to go hungry again in the wee hours of the night.

There are limitations in this business but there are limitless possibilities as well.

The team looks to expand as soon as possible in this segment within Bangalore and to other metros like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, where you have the audience and the consumer class who values the presence of a good and well known late night food joint and also want to start new entities like Digital Kiosks, Food trucks etc.

4 Reasons why our research team thinks YumKitchen will hit the sweet spot for success down the line –

1. They have the right objectives in mind

The love of food. Unless you do what you love and do what you do, it’s not going to take you anywhere! That’s basically a pre-requisite for any business that wants to make a mark.

2.  Worked upon well thought business plan

All late night food joints are just ‘late night food joints’. These guys at YumKitchen are aiming bigger and better,

  • Optimize the logistics to serve better,
  • Open up digital kiosks, and exploit available technology to add value to service.
  • Food trucks – they go where their customers are!

3. Choosing the location

Bangalore the hub of the India’s latest dream, where startups are like constellations in the sky, shining bright. The city of the techies, gamers and night owls – They surely have the best audience listening to their pitch.

4. Entering the niche segment

Competition is limited. There are no doubts, food joints that offer sumptuous delicacies in the wee hours, but none of these are established and win hands down. Everyone is struggling with logistics, keeping costs down, creating an efficient system of logistics that strikes a balance between a wide coverage area and on-time delivery. There are limitations in this business but there are limitless possibilities as well.

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