Why Should Guys Show All The Love? – 7 Ways You Can Make Him Feel Special This Valentines Day

Sizzling stuff you can do to make your man drop dead on your feet and then we bet, you will be in for a surprise of a lifetime.

Propose and make him melt
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So the crimson Valentine’s is here again! All you hate mongers and lovey dovey couples out there, yes we know that those 3 words are said a lot these days, but it’s still not enough. Whether it’s a 25 year old relationship or you have just started dating, Valentines Day (or V’Day as it is said) is that special day, when you take your heart out and speak about love in a moonlit night.  Gifts and precious little shiny things, making arrangements for your date might be a daunting task but if prepared well in advance, it can just sweep your guy off his feet and trust us, you will be in a for a sweet-little-sexy surprise. Here are a few interesting stuff that will end up making him feel oh!-so-special and connected. Well, twin flames after all! Go ahead read on.

1. Recreate your first date – when your eyes spoke more than your silence.

Recreate your first date - Valentines Day
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First dates are always special but with time the romantic appeal about dates is almost lost. Show your romantic side and charm your partner with love and care by recreating your first date. Go to the same restaurant where you first went and re-enact everything. Remind him of how lucky you are to get a guy like him or how special your love story is. Create some spark in your romance!

2. Be at your innovative best- Cook Up something for him.

Be at your innovative best - Valentines Day
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It’s correctly said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so preparing a delicious dinner for your date would be the best way to show your love. Make arrangements for a private date at your terrace itself or in your drawing room, light candles, give him love cards and ask him to completely relax as it’s his day.

3. Work on your looks – Be at your seductive best!

Work on your looks - Valentines Day
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Dressing up always makes an occasion more special. Put on a sexy dress that you know he will definitely like, in short look different. He will really feel special if you will put efforts just to impress him. Guys take such stuff pretty seriously and you won’t regret what you just did for him.

4. Plan a trip – there’s nothing like the sun, sand and ‘Us’!

Plan a trip - Valentines Day
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If possible plan a trip with your partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Make all the arrangements in advance and surprise him with couple tickets of the most romantic places where you both always wanted to go. We are sure throughout his life he will adore the special moments you two spent.

5. Propose and make him melt– Those sweet nothings!

Propose and make him melt - Valentines Day
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If you are planning to take your relationship to next level than there is no day better than Valentine’s Day. Now don’t get a horrible thought, how can a girl propose first? Be different from what others do, tell him that how badly you want to grow old with him. This is the best thing that will make your partner feel very special.

6. Compliments and a lot of pampering

Compliments and a lot of pampering - Valentines Day
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Being pampered by a guy is old fashion. Show your girl power. Nothing impresses a guy more than pampering. Pamper him and make him feel that he is the one.

Compliment him about his looks. Tell him how you felt when you first saw him. Genuine compliments will straight away hit his heart.

7. Just be close – and set the mercury soaring

Just be close and set the mercury soaring - Valentines Day
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Valentine’s Day is not always about having Vegas style dates and spending hefty amounts on food and gifts. Take a day off, turn off your phone and enjoy with each other in bed whole day. Make your bedroom environment more sexy and relaxing than usual. Imagine how great it will be just two of you cuddling and making love all day long without any interruptions.

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