Wonder Woman: Movie Review

Wonder Woman isn't just another superhero movie, it is a film that every woman deserves.


“As far back as I can remember,” I always wanted to watch a Wonder Woman movie. And yesterday when I sat in the movie theater watching Diana walk through the “no-man’s-land” deflecting the German fire all by herself, I teared up with inexplicable joy. After all it is not often that we get to see a female superhero single handedly fight evil to save the world.

While Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were sheer disappointments, Wonder Woman turned out to be the hero DC critics wanted. And this film is not just another superhero movie. Patty Jenkins does not tell the story of a superhero whose power lies in her ability to fire shock waves from her wrists. Her real power lies in her empathy. The director told the New York Times, “I wanted to tell a story about a hero who believes in love, who is filled with love, who believes in the change and the betterment of mankind.”

The movie tells the story of Diana the Princess from a secluded, all-women island now known as Themyscira, which was granted to the Amazons by the Greek gods. She’s the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, who molded Diana from clay. The Amazons are a matriarchal society who were meant to have brought the message of peace to Man’s World, but they’ve secluded themselves away from that brutality, creating a society rich with culture, far more advanced than our own, steeped in magic and sisterhood. When Captain Steve Trevor crash-lands on Themyscira, Diana learns about the war mankind is fighting in hope to “end all wars”. Believing Ares, the Lord of War to be responsible for such devastation she decides to help mankind by defeating the villainous Ares and put an end to it. Thus begins her journey to the world of men.

Gal Gadot brings this age old comic book character wonderfully to life. Diana has plenty to learn about the modern ways of life and her personal transformation from a fierce but naïve warrior princess to the savior of the world, forms the core of the film and Gadot plays each of these moments with equal amount of innocence and curiosity. Also Gadot shares a sizzling chemistry with Chris Pine who plays Steve Trevor, the “above-average man” who happens to be an American spy and Diana’s love-interest.

The story is depicted through wonderful imagery brought to screen by production designer Aline Bonetto and cinematographer Matthew Jenson. The settings of Themyscira and the various locations across Europe during the First World War offer a rich backdrop that helps to ground Wonder Woman. And then the Amazonian action scenes! They were the most unique and badass action scenes ever! They are provoking tears of joy among female movie-goers around the world.

To conclude we can say that Wonder Woman is not only an engrossing and intriguing superhero origin story with an entertaining script and interesting character development, it also gives the most popular female superhero a live action entry worthy of the character’s legacy. Jenkins and her team rise above expectations to deliver an incredibly inspiring story, a story that every woman deserve.

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