1. Decide on your priorities, understand how much time you need to devote to your work, create a mind map of your own and list out everything that you do. Prioritize them, mark the things that you can live without doing and scrap them off your list, immediately.

The objective – To clear the clutter from your daily routine, that’s blocking your time. 
The Method – Prioritisation of activities that matter to you and optimise them.

2. Evaluate and understand your family commitments. Have a heart to heart talk with your wife, if need be. In situations such as these, communication is the key to resolve issues that are in your mind. Hear it out, in our busy schedule, the most important thing that we miss out on is to listening. Everybody’s doing something. So for a moment, stop doing anything at all, take a deep breath and listen. You might just go into the core of the problem.

Connect Puzzle Pieces
The Objective – Understanding and Evaluating the needs and constraints of your family.
The Method – Communication and straight talks with the people that matter to you. 

3. Set a perimeter and boundary to your work. Make it official, go and talk to your boss, make him understand your point of view and agree to a clear terms. If you have to make it to office 2 hours before in order to stick to a certain timeline, go for it. There’s nothing like working early in the morning, unless you are an addict writing poetry.

Tennis Court Ball

The Objective – Setting Rules so that you can follow it.
The Method – Making it Official, gives you the freedom to adjust your own priorities, without hampering others.

4. After having set this rule, do not bring work to home, this is crucial, because to maintain a work life balance, you have to set up a routine and break from another that you have following for over years – which is difficult but attainable.

Time Routine
The Objective – Work and Home should be kept separate.
The Method – Walk the talk and follow what you have set upon. 

5. Rekindle your old hobbies and make some for yourself. Do what you like, cooking, gardening can be great stress busters and can set you upon a path of rejuvenating yourself. This is the step, where you take care of your mind. Do whatever is necessary to keep your mind engaged and well fed. Start making healthy habits, pick up a few health foods in your daily routine.

The Objective – Taking care of the mind.
The Method – Do what you like, like what you do    

6. Take necessary breaks, hit the tracks with great psychedelic collection ringing in your ears, or cross over to the gyms during office lunch breaks and sweat it out for an hour before you sit by your desk again. This will help you open up and allow you to think with an uncluttered mind.

The Objective – Recharging the batteries in between, and increase productivity.
The Method – Taking frequent breaks in what you do, helps you open up.

7. Plan a Vacation, with your family. Try not to take the tried and tested way of taking up a package tour and hiring people to plan it out for you. Do it yourself, spread out a map, sit together with the family, and ask the kids, what they would be interested to do. See the excitement in their faces.

Round Table Communication
The Objective – Connecting with the family
The Method – Teamwork, the same thing you do with perfection in your office. Be the leader.

8. Engage! Take your kids to the nearest play area, take them for a walk, read them a story book, and help them fall asleep. These small things help you understand how valuable such things are. They are the easiest to miss, in pursuit of flashier things, but you have to come back to them when you fall. Make sure, you don’t let them slip away.

soap bubble
The Objective – Putting everything in a repetitive mode.
The Method – Silent Running, this helps you put things into perspective when you are already into it.

9. Leave the micromanaging at office. Delegate more and more to your co-workers. Draw up a plan, let the audience know about it and make sure, you are informed about everything that your team’s been up to. Leave office early! 

mark plan
The Objective – Reduce the workload.
The Method – By being more systematic and purposefully delegating the work, to co-workers

10. Learn to handle failures. It has often been the case, that you are a workaholic, not because you like working, but for a sense of insecurity of failure and the inability to take them into your stride. Change this. Read books, talk, motivate, or seek professional help. Or you might be person, for success is a motivator to work more. This needs to go. Always remember life is not a sprint, but a marathon.

Acceptance is the Key
The Objective – Accepting failures and success.
The Method – Reason with your mind, set yourself a feasible goal, and work towards it.

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