Worlds famous luxurious homes that will amaze you!!

Luxurious Homes

What do we need homes for? Covering our heads, shelter and protection, space and living right? But with the economies rushing high, homes are more than just spaces now. Style symbols and investments, some lucky heads today are not living in houses; they are living in Palaces without being the Roman and Egyptian Kings. Have a look and decide for yourself. These luxurious homes will make you dream in Realities !

Antilla Mumbai- the Billion Dollar Home
 luxurious Homes
Antilla Mumbai- An Oriental Lap of Luxury

When the owner of this house is worth 43 Billion USD, surely Mukesh Ambani does not mind spending One Billion USD on his home. This house, correction palace, was made to please his wife! On a tour she happened to stay at the Mandarin Oriental in New York and she was so impressed by it, that she wanted something like that for herself to live in. And Antilla was constructed, exactly on the same lines as the Hotel. A 27 floored tower that it is has everything that you could ask for. This house is not just about spaces but is a small town in itself!

Villa Leopolda, France
Luxurious Homes
Villa Leopolda France- Grand and Majestic

This Villa caused a man to lose his 75 Million Deposit. Though this mansion was originally built for King Leopold II of Belgium, the estate is too big to be maintained. It needs 50 full time gardeners. Does that give you an idea of the luxury levels that can be? A Russian Billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov, decided to buy this house and he paid an advance of 75 Million USD as a sales deposit and then backed out of the deal. Ofcourse he had to part ways with the money. This house is Grand and majestic. It’s magical!

Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills
Luxurious Homes
Hearst Mansion- The Luxury Address at Beverly Hills

This mansion has been advertised for sale at a whopping price of USD 165 Miilion. That must be some country’s GDP for sure. With David Beckham and Tom Cruise as neighbors, I would give my arm to own this. This is the former home of a US Newspaper Tycoon, William Randolph Hearst. With 29 bedrooms, three swimming pools and tennis courts, it also treats you to a private cinema hall. Built in an H shape, this mansion is a Day dreamers’ Paradise. By the way, this was the house that was used for filming “the Godfather”.

The Updown Court England
Luxurious homes
Updown Court – see it to believe it !

Considered to be the most important private residence to have been built in England in the 19th Century, this house is estimated to be priced at USD 150 Million. The underground garage can fit in 8 limousines and it has 103 rooms with five swimming pools. A squash court, a tennis court and a 50 seater movie theatre will keep you happy. The Queen at the Windsor is one of the neighbors while you can take a peek at Elton John on the other side. As if this was not enough, the floor of the study is lined with gold plated leafing in the mosaics. All I want is a bathroom of this house in inheritance somehow!

The Manalapan Residence- the Oceanfront estate home
Luxurious homes
Manalapan Residence- the Oceanfront estate home

Set up on 5.5 Acres of land, the 520 feet in the front are just adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. This is a three story beach house and has 14 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, And 18 car Garage, a casino and a gymnasium. Try the salon inside or relax in the spa. If this is not enough to lure you, you also have a bowling alley and a wet bar to keep you happy. Priced at USD 135 Million, this is the best properties up for sale. Makes me wonder who would buy it?

Fleur De Lys – Mariah Carey lives in a Palace!
Luxurious homes
Mariah Carey – A true Queen

So this woman has too things that keep everyone drooling, an expensive pair of legs and a very exorbitantly expensive house. One of the world’s most famous estates, Fleur de Lys is scintillating. At a price of 125 Million USD, this is royalty redefines. It is 41,000 square feet of pure diva luxury. Remember Mary Antoinette’s home? The palace of Versailles? Well Mariah Carey settled for nothing less and this house is modeled around that. Forget what all treasures are inside, this mansion has rolling lawns, ornamental gardens, a spa and a pool surrounding it. There is also a 3000 square foot Manager’s house and staff quarters for ten people at least. Phew! “Mariah Carey – Adopt me, will you?”

Acqua Liana, Florida – the Eco Mansion
Luxurious Homes
The eco home Acqua Liana

A real estate Artist, Frank McKinney, has built a 15000 square foot “Eco-Mansion”. After being inspired from his trips to Bali, Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii, this three story, 7 bedrooms, 11 bath mansion is a sight to behold. There are solar panels to cover the basketball court and generates enough energy for two to three average sized homes. There is also a waterfall spa, with a fire feature installed in the center. Now whether this is a luxury mansion or an eco-friendly mansion is for you to decide.

The Barbie Malibu Mansion- Really?
Luxurious Homes
The Barbie Mansion

A life sized replica of a Barbie’s dream house, interior decorator Jonathan Adler, decked this out. The Dolls bedroom is lined with pink carpeting emblazoned with her initial. There are more than 50 pairs of Peep toed Heels in the closet. A pink Volkswagen New Beetle is parked in the estate. An original Andy Warhol portrait of Barbie which is valued at USD 200,000 is also displayed here. Then there is also a weird Chandelier which is made out of 30 Blonde wigs and took more than 60 hours to craft. A fantasyland for anyone, this mansion is atop a cliff in Malibu. What more do you ask for except for either being the Barbie that owns it or being the Ken who would marry this Barbie!

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