You Can’t Die At Peace If You Have Not Tried These Adventure Sports!


Done parasailing and Gliding! You must have even tried putting your hands inside a crocodile’s mouth! Well, we bet you haven’t even seen the items on our list, forget trying them! And if the Adventure Minion in you is craving for more, this is the best list of adventure sports you have to try before you die!

1. Free Solo Climbing

Where: Northwest Face of Half Dome in the United States

What do we do: Ascend and climb the 2224 foot high on Yosemite’s half dome which takes a couple of days but it is totally worth it!

Thrills and Chills: You are not bound, saved or harnessed. You just climb like stone age people with a bit of magnesium on your hands. A drop of sweat can make you taste Death! No injuries at all!

Best adventure sports

2. Running of the Bulls

Where: Pamplona, Spain

What do we do:  The bulls decide whether you live or die because in just a few minutes that it lasts, the bulls chase people running ahead of them in White and red clothes. Enough to agitate them with just the colours!

Thrills and Chills: Life may give you a good second chance, but Bulls Don’t. Of course there are small track exits but the panic does not let you use them and people run. Literally for their life!

Adventure Sports

3. Big Wave Surfing

Where: Dungeons, South Africa

What do we do: Get on a tow board and brave the sea. With gigantic cold waves and freezing water, it is not just the sheer size of the waves that makes this dangerous, the lovely sharks waiting to befriend you are fatal!

Thrills and Chills: Inhabiting the Biggest Sharks known to mankind, this sea scares life out of the surfers with warm and welcoming sharks the moment you a dip a bit in the waters!

Adventure Sports

4. Cage of Death

Where: Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove, Australia

What do we do: We go deep into the water in a glass cage which is to protect the visitor from the reptiles and angry crocodiles not to forget the mention of the Homely sharks and other creepy creatures!

Thrills and Chills: The glass cage may be there, but not many men at heart find the courage to descend and see the open jaws of these alive and hungry reptiles strike against the cage- again and again!

Adventure Sports

5.  Wing Walking

Where: Essex, London, United Kingdom

What do we do:  The wing walker is tied up on the outer body of the small plane and the plane takes flight. Just like that! And does everything including wobbling and turnovers to scare hell out of you!

Thrills and Chills: Making your dreams about flying come true, just that this is a nightmare if you are not bravehearted enough. People puke, faint and have chances of a cardiac arrest!

Adventure Sports

6. Highlining

Where: Kjerag, Norway

What do we do: Two farthest ends of canyon formations are connected with a highline on which you simply walk. And fall, and climb up on the highline again and fall again!

Thrills and Chills: You need the mental balance for this one! The adrenaline may just rush through and disbalance you making you fall (read Die).

Adventure Sports

7. Volcano Boarding

Where: Cerro Negro Mountain, Nicargua

What do we do: Sit on active volcanoes of course! Dressed Appropriately at the speed of 50 Miles the boarder just descends over the slope right from the mouth of the volcano.

Thrills and Chills: It is insane beyond your imagination but definitely for those who give death a miss for thrill!

Adventure Sports

While most of the sports that we commonly indulge in are normal, gravity defying and air plying stunts are deadly. Add on to the list if you know of some more!

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  1. Media should stop making people feel how important some activities and traveling is – like something you cannot and should not live without. This creates a sense of inferiority in people who don’t keep this things as priority.
    You should reconsider the titles of your articles. An apt title can be something like “Bizarre activities around the world”
    I am a writer myself but I always keep in mind that my articles should have a positive impact on my readers. After reading your article, readers will leave with a sad feeling because MOST Indians cannot afford to travel abroad.
    And Well, I can definitely die at peace even if I have not tried any of the activities from this list. Why? Because there are different things which give me peace.